The tower's garden


The garden is a fundamental part of the Tower, it was personally designed and now taken care of by the owner. The surface of the garden covers an area of over 700 square meters, which opens on the rear side of the tower and overlooks the beautiful landscape of the Tuscan hills covered with vineyards.
It is accessed through a terrace located under the shade of an old walnut tree, where guests can sit down to have breakfast on sunny days. This tree in autumn produces many delicious walnuts that can be picked and enjoyed still fresh.
Going down a flight of stairs guests reach the fresh green lawn of the garden. In a secluded corner we have created a flower bed with the most common Italian aromatic herbs. A panel explains its use in Italian dishes. 

The lawn is furnished with comfortable relaxing areas in full sun or under the shade of a few trees, among which stand out our elderly and beloved plum tree that offers its tasty fruit in summer and a huge cherry tree that at the end of June is filled with delicious cherries. At the center of the garden there is an ancient gazebo which, in the late afternoon, with an enchanting sunset view, is the ideal place for a romantic aperitif.

Below are two terraces accessible by a massif stone staircase. The first terracing is dedicated to our vegetable garden, subdivided according to the summer and the winter products. Here are grown the most common vegetables, which also used for our breakfast, such as carrots, salads, radishes, cucumbers and juicy tomatoes ripened under the summer Tuscan sun. The underlying walkway is instead used as an orchard with a choice of fruit trees such as pear, peach, apple and plum trees selected from some particular Tuscan historical varieties.
All the fruits and vegetables of the garden are exclusively treated with products allowed in organic cultivation and fertilized only with the aid of the compost self-produced by the structure. Most of the fruits produced copiously from the garden, such as walnuts, cherries, plums and apples, are used, according to the ripening season, in the preparation of desserts that are served during breakfast.
With the setting of darkness the garden does not lose its charm, indeed. The soft and diffuse lighting atmosphere allows guests to access the garden at any time inviting to pass a pleasant evening under the wonderful starry sky of Badia a Passignano.